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PG GS | Sooth
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Sooth Brand 欢迎观临


有一个休息的地方叫Sooth Bar ,还有自动饮料自动售货机 Sooth Feel Good 和自动菜自动售货机Sooth Daily

Sooth Bar

不用担心旅行的事情 ,因为Mixologist会在SoothBar做很多酒,为你提供味道独特的菜品,你还可以跟新的朋友聊天交谈。

Sooth Feel Good / 让你提神


Sooth Grab

Craving for something sweet and refreshing to settle your thirst? Sooth Grab offers tropical delights like freshly pressed juice, Thai herbal drinks and gelati. And in case you enjoyed Koh Samui a little too much and forgot to buy souvenirs, we are certain our carefully selected fresh mangoes will be adored by your family and friends.

Sooth Rest

When in Koh Samui, do as the Samuians do. You can enjoy freshly made authentic local delicacies while waiting for your flight. From the world-famous Pad Thai to our personal recommendation, green curry fried rice are must-tries. At Sooth Rest, there is every flavour to satisfy everyone.