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PG GS | Lounge Access
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Lounge Access

Explore the ultimate travel experience

We are pleased to welcome you to the lounge arranged specifically to provide you a leisure atmosphere for relaxing and recovering from the fatigue while waiting for the flight. Lounge access allows passengers to the lounge where they could enjoy a variety of foods and beverages along with the exclusive atmosphere. The lounge awaits you for an intimate experience of traveling.

Lounge Access Services

Leisure Zone at the Lounge

Lounge access service provides you leisure zones, giving you Wi-Fi access to keep you in touch with your friends, family, or contacts while waiting for the flight. Lounge service is available for both domestic and international flight.

Lounge Access Services

Tasty Menu of Lounge Access Service

Enjoy foods and beverages especially chosen for you.

Lounge Access Services

Term and Condition

User fee: 1000 baht per person (excluded VAT 7%)<br /> Please read term and condition of use before accessing. The rights to use may differ.<br /> Only passengers of domestic and international flight will be eligible to the lounge access for three hours.


Lounge Access service provides facilitate utilities that help you relax while spending time at your favorite zone of our lounge as consequence of a more perfect flight.


With high speed internet provided, Wi-Fi, you’ll never miss any of contact.


Enjoy plenty of beverages.

Air Conditioning

Feel relaxed in any leisure zones of the lounge with air condition provided.


Enjoy with your favorite channel provided.


Don’t miss out on daily news updated.


Alcohol beverage service is available to serve your favorite one.

Flight Information

Flight information and status provided so that you won’t miss any of the flight.


Enjoy a great many of tasty food and beverage menus awaiting you to explore.

Lounge Access


We are ready to provide you ultimate experience with the VIP lounge offering you a variety of facilities, foods, and beverages.

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